What Could Free WiFi End up Costing You?

It’s a nice little perk that comes of eating at certain restaurants, shopping at certain malls and even staying in the right hotels. Free internet for the public over WiFi is being offered in many places today, as a way to encourage you to use that facility, or to try and get you to stay a little longer. However there are risks to using free WiFi, and those should be

Encouraging Reading in the Technological Age

Recent surveys have shown potentially disturbing trends. On the whole, children are now steering away from reading physical books, with around fifty percent of them no longer reading even a novel a month for pleasure. What they are reading instead are text messages, emails and other web based text. This trend may be problematic, especially in populations that already struggle to overcome illiteracy. On the one hand, some parents might

Summertime Dangers for Your Gadgets

As the summertime is warming up, many people are looking forward to their summer vacation. Though some will leave their gadgets at home, many now travel equipped with enough electronics to keep themselves thoroughly entertained, and yet being on vacation leaves their expensive gadgets a little more vulnerable than normal. Two of the biggest risks when it comes to battery powered items are overheating and being dropped in liquid. Batteries

How Scareware Does its Damage

Some people may have heard of scareware and may have a basic idea of what it is. Most however will not know exactly what it is and how exactly it works to. Scareware is a type of malware that pretends to be a real anti-virus program. It appears in a pop-up window on your browser, and is designed to look and feel like a Microsoft program, so as to fool

First Software for Kids

No matter how hard you fight it, eventually the time will come that you are ready to start sharing your computer with your children. You may look forward to it, or may dread it if only because it will mean that the computer that once was yours will suddenly become a time share. Ultimately though, computers play such a huge part in our children’s lives today that they will eventually

Wireless Speakers Offer Convenience And Unmatched Audio Quality

The technological features of modern speakers have become immensely advanced to ensure that users not only enjoy quality audio, but also experience portability and lots of convenience. One of the most breakthrough innovations in the industry, particularly with these products, is the release of wireless speakers. Dealing with tangled wires on your home speaker systems can indeed prove to be a nightmare! Don’t you wish that you can finally get

There’s a Bug in My Computer!!!

There’s been a common phrase in use for some years that when something goes wrong with your computer or with a program that is in place on your computer, that there is a bug in the program. Unfortunately, sometimes the ‘bug’ may be a literal one. LCD monitors that are made as stand alone computer monitors, as laptop screens and even as flat screen TVs are supposed to have a

Choosing Between External Storage and Internal Storage Drive

Deciding between an external storage drive and internal storage drive can’t be just for aesthetic reasons. One should always consider his needs against the pros and cons of each type of drive. Each type of drive has its own pros and cons, thus you need to understand the advantage and disadvantage of each type and its edge over each other. First, let’s take a closer look of external hard drives:

Preventing the Ear Bud Tangle

Ear buds are a wonderful invention when it comes to having portable yet private music to listen to. Improvements in technology mean that the sound quality from these tiny, in ear music sources is now so good that many people rely entirely on buds, not owning a larger pair of headphones. However the problem with this portability is that they tend to get stuffed into a pocket, and end up

High Tech Outdoor Pursuits

Whilst the weather is still nice, many people are looking to find ways to get them and the family outside. For some people this is easier said than done, because some kids-especially older children-just want to sit inside and play on their computer, or games machine all day long. The idea of getting out for some fresh air is simply unappealing. Thanks to modern technology, getting yourself and the more